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FlexDMP increased profits within a month. The CRM interface is incredibly easy to use. I can't imaging using anything else.
Kevin O'Neall
It's amazing how efficient FlexDMP is, so many of their processes are automated leaving more time to create more leads.
Olivia Adkins
I own a smaller agency and didn't think that I could afford a decent CRM site, it's amazing what they offer for free.
A.J Leigh
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FlexDMP offers pre-configured vertical templates for most lead verticals on the market today. This allows you to be up and running with your specific vertical in a short period of time. The standard template creates all the necessary common fields for your specific vertical and our advanced vertical specific, pre-programmed fields allows the fields you need to be added or removed with ease. Don’t see a field, don’t worry, when setting up your campaign you will have full admin rights to create the field you need automatically.


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